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Table of Contents


  1. Taylorsville Redwood Campus Student Resources Tour w/360

    A panoramic view tour of the student resources at the Taylorsville Redwood Campus, off of Redwood rd.


    1. Taylorsville Redwood Campus East Entry

    2. Taylorsville Redwood Campus Outdoor Plaza

    3. Student Center- I.D. Center

    4. Student Center- 2nd floor- Student Express

    5. Student Center- 2nd floor- Student Involvement Center

    6. Student Center- Student Life & Leadership Waiting Area

    7. Student Center-Quick Stop

    8. Student Center- Bookstore

    9. Student Center- Bookstore Textbooks

    10. Student Center- 1st floor- Student Life & Leadership

    11. Alder Ampitheatre

    12. Markosian Library-Circulation Desk

    13. Markosian Library- Study Area

    14. Markosian Library

    15. Lifetime Activity Center

    16. Lifetime Activity Center- Basketball Courts